What's in Your Fermenter?

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So what's in your fermenter(s) right now?

Are you gearing up for the holidays, a special event or some of the brew competitions that are coming up this fall? Whatever you are working on give us all a sneak peak of your current batch or two.

Currently Brewing

Have a "Kolsch" style ale on secondary right now. Made the kit as described with the addition of home grown centennial hops at 30min. Dry hopped with the same on secondary and added some sweet orange peel and lemon zest. Hoping for an interesting hop note and citrus note with neither one being very dominant. Looking for an easy to drink session beer for my family and friends that aren't "beer snobs" :)

Vanilla Porter

I have a vanilla porter that I made from the Brewer's Best robust porter kit and some added pure vanilla extract (Watkins). I added 2oz of vanilla into the secondary. When that's finished in another 10 days, I will see if it needs any more vanilla and then bottle it. This is my second beer I have made so far...my first was a kit form 3B's for an IPA. It turned out excellent!

Test batches

Right now its just going to be tests to determin where my issue is.  My last two batches of mead suffer from a mild bandaid nose and front - not to the point of being undrinkable, but noticable.  Both batches used different yeasts and water, sooooo it has to be my enviorment.    Whis me luck.