BASH @ Zelie Ontap & Unplugged

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Our club plans on having a booth at this event in Zelienople.
We will have four taps going and so we're looking for club memebers to provide beer to keep them flowing for three hours.
We can change out the kegs every hour and keep a new selection of brews offered.

This way you don't really need a full keg to provide either since it just has to last an hour.

Can you commit some beer for this event?

Set-up is at 2PM and pouring starts at 4PM & goes till 7PM.
Ken will set up a canopy and the taps. He will supply one keg for one tap and can be there the whole time.

Which hour can you supply a keg for?


Saturday, June 1, 2013 - 04:00 to 07:00



I have 2.5 gallons I can commit if its ok in bottles. I would love a chance to come and help serve too if you'll have me and I'd love for u guys to try my beer since I didn't have any at the last meeting.  I'm pretty sure I filled out the right form for the NCB tour but if not please count me in.