Keg Lube

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So at the recent meeting a few folks suggested keg lube to stop my kegs leaking CO2. Anyone have a preferred brand, or are they all about the same?

keg lube

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Most homebrew shops carry a brand that's just called Keg Lube. 3Bs has it in Butler.

Thanks for all the tips at

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Thanks for all the tips at the meeting guys. I wound up ordering some keg lube from Northern Brewer when I had to put in an order recently. I used that on the rings and then used a spray bottle with one-step to find any leaks. Turns out two of my kegs had leaks. One in the pressure release valve and one on the gas inlet poppet valve. Looks like I'll be ordering some parts to get those fixed.

Hunk, I never thought about just buying an off the shelf jar. I was concerned that whatever I got was food safe and sanitary. I suppose the off the shelf stuff would be fine though.

Now I've just got to get my CO2 cylinder hydro-tested and filled.